Your Listening is a Paracosm

      Category: solo show, sound exhibition, online exhibition
      Exhibition Opening: June 26, 2023 | Duration: 26.06.2023 - Present
      Venue: (Berlin edition), Cashmere Radio
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     ‘Your Listening is a Paracosm’ shifts perceptual perspectives through sound and ritual, drawings, and prompts.
     It unfolds as an experiment for the web and simultaneously permeates through radio transmissions. Each piece
     is a poetic listening score to explore sound as an expression of consciousness. Dedicated to Quantum Listening
     and Nāda Yoga philosophy, the intricately woven constellation reimagines sound as its own entity and ecosystem.

     Listeners are transported into an organic, dreamlike universe of beings and landscapes through a virtual sonic
     garden, where internal and external structures combine with concepts of form. We can only communicate with
     these entities in terms of the sounds they are made of. There lies a subtle challenge for us to critically rethink
     our relationship to listening.

      Excerpts from the show / Drawings translated to iframe animations

      290 x 427 mm
      Pointer, calligraphy, and metallic pen on paper

       Excerpts from the show / Video

       1920 x 1080 px
       HD video 7 minutes, 10 seconds


          Excerpts from the show / On Air with Cashmere Radio

          long-form radio mix

         Exhibition Poster