Alifiyah Imani is a sound artist and writer based in Berlin, originally from Karachi, Pakistan. In her practice, she interrelates sonic experiences through different media and forms, including sensory listening rituals, experimental installations, electroacoustic pieces, and radio collaborations. She attempts to locate sound as lived experience, exploring the possibilities of relational listening through intimacy and encounter. Since 2020, she has actively engaged in participatory group settings to explore how the ear, breath, gesture, gaze, and movement are connected and alter the way we relate to ourselves and one another. As a listener, she draws immense inspiration from the sonic phenomenon of drones, the subtle tonal variations of shruti, and the colouration of overtones in different instruments and the voice. In a continuous process of exploring presence-training methods of embodiment, she has a special interest in the Rasa aesthetics of Bharatanatyam and the voice culture surrounding Dhrupad music.

Imani is a half-duo member of the artist collective Sono Sensing, which was formed in 2020 as an experimental radio project. The collective's artistic practice additionally expands into building curious sound objects and DIY instruments by repurposing various materials and electronics. Recent exhibitions include “Before the Rāga Comes the Drone” (2024) for Errant Sound (Berlin), “Your Listening is a Paracosm” (2023) for (Berlin edition), “Is it alive” (2023) for the NEW NOW Festival (Zollverein UNESCO World Heritage, Essen), and “Ich spüre was, was du nicht spürst” (2022) at HilbertRaum (Berlin).

Imani holds a joint Master of Arts degree in Media Arts Cultures from three European consortium partners: Danube University (Austria), Aalborg University (Denmark), and the University of Łódź (Poland). She is currently hosted by Errant Sound following her selection as a Weltoffenes Berlin fellow (2024). Recently, she has been announced as a grantee by the Asian Cultural Council for her proposed individual fellowship, intended to support her musical exchange project in India scheduled for 2026.


Before the Rāga Comes the Drone
Errant Sound
Multichannel installation
Berlin / February 2024

Your Listening is a Paracosm, Cashmere Radio
Solo show on the artist-run platform, Long form radio piece
Berlin / June 2023

Combs Deep
Tremella Radio
Electroacoustic ambient longform piece 
Copenhagen / August 2021


Drone ~ Ether ~ Stream
Cashmere Radio Specials
Electroacoustic drone piece 
Berlin / May 2024

Concrete Dreams of Sound at daadgalerie
Sound sculptures w/ Carmen Arias, Shu Ching Chon, Julianne Chua, Frank Furto, Olha Havrylenko, Alifiyah Imani, Daeun Joo, Valentin Lux, Three Amps, Varojuan Chetirian
Facilitated and curated by: Samuel Perea-Díaz & Jona Wolf
Berlin / May 2024

Hypernatural Forces (ThinkHalle)
New Now Festival at Zollverein UNESCO World Heritage
Sound Installation w/ Sono Sensing Collective (Alifiyah Imani & Vladimir Razhev)  
Essen/ June 2023

Finissage | Berlin, February 2023
Pandora Art Gallery 
Sound Installation w/ Sono Sensing (Alifiyah Imani & Vladimir Razhev)
Curated by Guinchi
Berlin / February 2023

Ich spüre was, was du nicht spürst
Sound Installation w/ Sono Sensing Collective (Alifiyah Imani & Vladimir Razhev)
Curated by Rhizome Laboratory (Stephanie Fenner & Miguel Canal)
Berlin / November 2022

Diasporic Listening to Berlin’s Soundscape 
Cashmere Radio in collaboration with Artist Pilots
Radio Piece w/ Abeer Ali, Alifiyah Imani, Izul Kim, Anton Filatov & Falso Conejo
Curated by Yara Mekawei
Berlin / November 2022

Sonic Rituals Vol II.
Refuge Worldwide 
Radio Piece w/ Ana Amorós López, Alifiyah Imani, Eva Isolde Balzer,
Cornelia Turner, Rahema Zaheer, Izul Kim & Stephanie Fenner  
Berlin / December 2022

Sonic Rituals Vol I.
Refuge Worldwide 
Radio Piece w/ Ana Amorós López, Alifiyah Imani, Andrée Burelli,
Cecelia Pez, Rahema Zaheer, Cornelia & Maria Heller.
Berlin / August 2022

The Space Between Voice and Gesture 
ACUD, Berlin School of Sound
Performance w/ Maria Heller, Rozenn Lièvre, Luisa Spina, Alifiyah Imani, Alba Fieira
& Andrea W
Curated by Alessandra Eramo
Berlin / May 2022

For Pannonian Skies

Tremella Radio
Radio Piece w/ Sono Sensing Collective (Alifiyah Imani & Vladimir Razhev)
Copenhagen / August 2021

On Amager Fælled
Tremella Radio
Radio Piece w/ Sono Sensing Collective (Alifiyah Imani & Vladimir Razhev)
Copenhagen / June 2021

Faculty of Senses
Performance w/ Martin Bollerup, Jens Erik Larsen, Eduardo Abrantes, Alifiyah Imani, Knulp, Rittmeyer, Jørgen Teller, Sixten Elliot Teller Kallmoes, Maria Nadia Nielsen, Matt Choboter & Alexandra Carlgren
Curated by Faculty of Senses and Yuri Landman
Copenhagen / October 2020

When Wor(l)ds Collide  
Machine Dialects: Speculating the Imaginary
Aalborg University Copenhagen
Audiovisual Installation w/ Magda Hamdy & Uğur Kaya
Curated by Morten Søndergaard and Media AC 2017 Cohort
Copenhagen/ May 2018

Journey through sound   
Platform 4
Musique concrète composition 
Curated by Palle Dahlstedt
Aalborg / March 2018

Dil Phaink
Alchemy Festival at Southbank Centre 
Audiovisual Installation
Curated by PeaceNiche (T2F)
London / May 2015

Desert Roses 
Alliance Française de Karachi
Photography works on Tharparkar Desert
Curated by Green Crescent Trust (Saad Zuberi)
Karachi / Feb-March 2015


Concrete Dreams of Sound w/ Samuel Perea-Díaz & Jona Wolf
daadgalerie, Berlin / May 2024

Labyrinth Catalunya
Dhrupad Singing and Indian Classical Music w/ Pelva Naik 
Cardedeau, Spain / April 2024

Dhrupad w/ Pelva Naik
Berlin/India (ongoing)

Lab of Intelligence Culture
Bassano Romano, Pianamola
Exploration of Being - lab residency 
Rome / July 2023 

NAVARASA - Rasa Training (2 & 3)
Rasa aesthetics of Bharatanatyam w/ Eva Isolde Balzer 
Berlin / April - December 2023

Carnatic Singing
Global Music Academy  
Karnatische Musik w/ Manickam Yogeswaran
Berlin / November 2022 - July 2023

NAVARASA - Rasa Training (1)
Rasa aesthetics of Bharatanatyam w/ Eva Isolde Balzer
Berlin / September - December 2022

Savvy Contemporary
Movement Workshop w/ Regina Lomio, Amna Mawaz,
and Venuri Perera
Berlin / October 2022

Artist Pilots
Radio workshop
w/ Yara Mekawei and Cashmere Radio
Berlin / October 2022

Creative Studios Berlin
Radio workshop 
w/ Refuge Worldwide
Berlin / June - July 2022

The Space Between Voice and Gesture
Voice workshop at ACUD, Berlin School of Sound
w/ Alessandra Eramo
Berlin / May 2022

Faculty of Senses - Instrument Building Workshop
Refshaleøen, København
w/ Yuri Landman
Copenhagen / October 2020

Spatial Sound Institute, 4DSOUND
6 months research residency
MA Thesis - Auditory Subcultures and Sonic Flights: In Between Sound and Space
Budapest / February - August 2019

Refshaleøen - Teaterøen (Theatre Island)
MediaAC research residency for the exhibition “Machine Dialects: Speculating the Imaginary”
Copenhagen / May 2018


Berlin Art Prize | Berlin, May 2018
Curator of Suppose that Rome is not a human habitation by Bassem Saad, Peles Empire NightVision by artist duo Mazenett Quiroga, LAGE EGAL [Kimgo]

Spatial Sound Institute | Budapest, 2019 - 2021
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Sound Pedagogy and Sound-based Education Artist Residency Curatorial Framework w/ Paul Oomen

Borders of (im)materiality | Łódź , Poland, 2019
Co-curator of Listening through the noise in collaboration with Adrienn Lestyán & Magda Hamdy

Studio Tomás Saraceno | Berlin, 2018
Research and curatorial support for ON AIR Carte Blanche to Tomás Saraceno for Palais De Tokyo (Paris)

RETRACE | Austria, 2018
RETRACE: 7th International Conference for Histories of Media Art, Science Documentation and Dissemination team in collaboration with Danube University

Lahore Music Meet | Lahore, 2017
Co-curator of audiovisual exhibition Rang Saazi, Al-Hamra Arts Council in collaboration with Azka Shahid

The School of Writing | Karachi, 2016
Co-curator of film and photography exhibition Yeh Hai Karachi Al-Hamra, Arts Council in collaboration with PeaceNiche (T2F) Collective

Alchemy Festival, Southbank Centre | London, 2015
Research and co-curation of audiovisual exhibition Dil Phaink in collaboration with PeaceNiche (T2F) Collective


Medien- und Klangkünstlerin, Autorin | Berlin, October 2021 - Present

Tussen Kunst en Kind, Text & Cultural Affairs | Berlin, November 2022 - January 2023
Podcast Producer | Collaborating with Dutch artist and writer Mirthe Berentsen to produce a new podcast series accompanying her upcoming book on art and motherhood

Radical Sounds Latin America | Berlin, August - November 2022
Communications and Editorial Manager | Overseeing communications of the 2022 festival series in Berlin, online writer, media inquiries and relations, archiving of festival coverage

Berlin Art Prize | Berlin, July - October 2022
Co-curator | Artistic research, conceptual collaboration, editing of print materials, curator of Suppose that Rome is not a human habitation (Bassem Saad) and NightVision (Mazenett Quiroga)

Digital in Berlin | Berlin, January 2022 - May 2023
Cultural and Events Manager, Artist Host | Events planning and production for the Kiezsalon concert series. Writing and editorial support for DIB, artist host and cultural management

Spatial Sound Institute | Budapest, September 2019 - August 2021
Programme and Research Collaborator | conceptual collaboration for artist residency programme, publications planning, writing, recording and editorial execution of articles, essays, and interviews for SSI publications, library outreach research with authors


Master of Arts in Media Arts Cultures (2019)
Erasmus Excellence Joint Masters Degree with three European 
Consortium Partners - Danube University, Aalborg University &
University of Łódź 
Austria, Denmark & Poland

Bachelor of Design (2010)
Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture
Karachi, Pakistan 


Weltoffenes Berlin Fellow 
Hosted by Errant Sound 
Funded by Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion
Berlin (January 2024 - December 2024)

Composing Sonic Futures 
Publishing Grant 
Stitchting Human Expo Foundation
Netherlands (2020)

MA Media Arts Cultures
Scholarship for Master studies
Cowasjee Foundation, Khatija Adamjee Foundation, 
Nusserwanjee Foundation, Feroze & Shernaz Bhandara Trust
Karachi (2017-2019)

Prince Claus Award
PeaceNiche (T2F) is a laureate for Prince Claus Award 
Part of the core creative team 
Netherlands (2016)