Sonic Rituals Vol II.

Radio Mix//Refuge Worldwide

Category: ambient, experimental, sound art
Date: 12.12.2022



In this essaysistic/embodied radio mix, I am thinking how I can explore and initiate a ritual, and connect through sonic experiments with others, putting together a fluid long-form composition of intimate connections and subtleties where we are able to notice how the ear, breath, voice, gesture and movement alters the way we relate to ourselves and one another. To explore a way of deep listening to the harmonizing routines we form to connect to the inner side of our bodies. To assemble elements, narratives, and sensations of our practices.

The second compilation features contributions from Ana Amorós López, Alifiyah Imani, Eva Isolde Balzer, Cornelia Turner, Rahema Zaheer, Isul Kim and Stephanie Fenner.